My Environment and Ethics Officer Campaign

Hi, my name is Kyle, and I am running for Environment and Ethics officer for 2017/2018 in RUSU.

About Me

I am a year 2 Zoology student originally from the Forest of Dean, in Gloucestershire. I have grown up surrounded by wildlife, and felt the benefits of living alongside nature. I find it relaxing, and the fresh air and scenery can be an excellent place to study in the summer.

As the course rep for part 2 Zoology I have experience in student representation. I regularly liaise with the other reps, the school rep and the staff head of school to fix issues and suggest improvements. An example of this is a new dissection scheme I am working on, that is designed to make it easier for those that do not believe in dissection to access alternative methods of approaching the assessments. On top of this I am working alongside some other students to help deliver a careers and employment event in the spring. I am not content with just sitting back, and I consider the individual opinion of every student I represent – this is something I would carry through to the position of Environment and Ethics officer.


What I Want To Do

If I were to be lucky enough to be elected to this position I would focus on A) supporting the biodiversity on campus and B) promoting student involvement by designing and hosting events, competitions and speakers which relate to the environment. How will I do this?

  • Addition of new wildlife habitats and homes, such as nest boxes (early morning bird song makes it that little bit easier to get to that 9am!) and bee houses for solitary bees.
  • Design and future implementation of ‘wild zones’, small areas of grass that are designed to act as miniature ecosystems supporting a variety of plant life, insect life and as a result, bird life.
  • Promoting our campus as a natural haven through regular photography competitions and other wildlife events (e.g birdwatching).
  • Using my connection with Dr Elsa Sattout, a lecturer in Environmental Ethics, to bring in speakers and set up activities related to global environmental events such as Biological Diversity week in May.

I intend to bring these ideas to life by working closely with staff with backgrounds in ecology, local organisations and the various social clubs associated with our wildlife. With your help I can do this – if you build it, they will come!


Why I Make A Good Candidate

As I have previously said, I am not content with sitting by, and when given the opportunity to represent people I will wholeheartedly do so. I like making things better and improving the university experience for my fellow students. I am experienced and highly driven, with a small network of respected contacts, and I will listen to and consider everything I am told, no matter how small it may be. It would be an honour for me to represent you as your Environment and Ethics officer, and I hope you will consider casting one of your votes to me!


Thank you for reading!


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